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Solar energy is a free resource that is available to all yet it remains underutilized. In our country this resource is available each day of the year thus solar energy solutions are the most effective way of meeting domestic and industrial

About Iceberg Energy

We have the experience and capacity to support Renewable energy projects from inception, throughout the development and construction stages and for the complete lifetime of the plant.If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Get to know what we do  and the opportunity that renewable energy present to entrepreneur.


The Opportunity Solar energy is a free resource that is available to all yet it remains underutilized.We purpose to reduce cost of electricity in different households by up to 60% with no emission of greenhouse gases that are major causes of global warming and climate change.


Solar power system Scrutiny present a clear view of the big picture. photo-voltaic if used in a intelligent manner can solve the great challenges of our time: from the increasing cost of electricity to the scarcity of fossil fuels and the impact of climate change.


As a pure player among the Kenya solar companies, ICEBERG ENERGY operates in selected stages of the solar value chain and focuses on its core competencies and markets. We focuses on outstanding quality standard products to cater to the premium segment

Our experienced team of engineers   and engineering resources enable ICEBERG ENERGY to respond flexibly and responsively to project requirements. We are highly experienced not only in solar PV stations design, but also in custom made engineering solutions designed to suits specific customer demands 

Our story

Iceberg Systems is a leading technological company that specializes in information and technology and renewable energy. In renewable energy we offer off grid solution using solar energy for domestic and commercial application.

We also install solar lighting solution; we compliment this by installing battery backup system. The battery system enables you to have a backup solution at times when you experience power blackout.