Energy backup systems

Solar Energy can be stored in batteries for later use. We have both large-scale battery based energy storage solutions and small scale battery solutions, both integrated with solar PV plant and stand-alone. Apart from the ability to store and deliver energy on demand, the responsiveness of battery systems makes them ideal to provide network operators with innovative solutions for frequency response which help to stabilize electricity grids. 

Charge controller
Battery bank
System meter
Main DC disconnect

Components of a battery power backup

Charge Controller: Prevents the batteries from overcharging by interrupting the flow of electricity from the PV panels when the battery is fully charged.

Battery Bank: These are group of batteries wired together. Solar batteries are designed specifically to endure the type of charging and discharging they’ll need to handle in a solar power system.

System Meter: Measures and displays your solar PV systems performance and status.

Main DC Disconnect: A DC rated breaker between the batteries and the inverter. Allows the inverter to be quickly disconnected from the battery bank for service.

Hybrid systems

Hybrid power generation systems combine solar power generation with conventional forms of power generation and energy storage technologies, to enable a reliable supply of high quality. These solutions enable the user to significantly reduce the cost of expensive fuel, such as diesel, while ensuring that the power plant output is fully controllable to match the required demand profile.