The Iceberg Solar lighting system is specifically designed for providing light and security applications at off-grid and remote locations where power might not be fully available and where there is need to save energy bills. The Solar light is powered by an ultra-slim, high-performance solar panel with full battery back up to ensure year-round performance in practically any location.


  • Motion detector.
  • Light sensors-lights automatically go on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • Sealed inbuilt sealed acid battery that lasts 2-3 days without sunshine.
  • Available in warm light and daylight.
  • Low power consumption-powered by light emitting diodes (LED).
  • Solar panel collection panel on upper surface.
  • Has a solar mounting post.


  • National park, Game reserves, Conservancies, Camps, Nature parks, Forest etc.
  • Gated Communities, Estates, Rural homes, Private Homes, Holiday Homes. 
  • Factories, schools, institutes, colleges, universities.
  • Large scale Farms, expansive field, plantations.
  • Temporary monitoring – events, road works, construction sites.
  • Temporary public events (sports, music, concerts)